Rohr job at stakes, NFF 2019 review

Super eagles head coach job could be at stake. With few days to the new year, the supper eagles supporters demands a better football action compare

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Super eagles head coach job could be at stake.

Rohr job at stakes, NFF 2019 review 2

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With few days to the new year, the supper eagles supporters demands a better football action compared to 2018, from the NFF, and the Nigeria football highest authority (NFF) has revealed that they will sticks to the super eagles head coach Gernot Rohr, while the super falcons head coach job is more Paramount to the federation.

The former Burkina Faso head coach, whose two years sets to expire has been threatening to open a discussion with other suitors if he eventually doesn’t reach an agreement with NFF for a possible extension before the end of next month

Amaju Melvin Pinnick (NFF President) told our correspondent in a media brief, that Rohr’s contract will be renewed with strings attached

“We are going to renew Rohr’s contract with Nigeria before it expires. Unlike the previous contract, we are going to insist now that he stays in Nigeria with accommodation for him in which ever city he prefers between Abuja and Lagos,”

Revealed the NFF chief during a media parley in Lagos yesterday.

Rohr’s initial monthly salary of $45,000 was increased to $55,000 after he qualified Nigeria for the World Cup in Russia as well as the AFCON 2019.

“He should be ready to work with the Technical Committee. We don’t want repeat of some of the things that created problems to happen again as we aim to move the game forward in the New Year.”

Report claims that the coach had approach the sport minister, in a bid to intervene in his contract issue, but only to turn down by hon Sunday Dare the sport minister and refer him back to the NFF.

NFF president also claims that the sport ministry has the right to intervene in any of the federation matters.

“Don’t forget the minister is the chief sports officer of the country. We don’t feel bad he spoke his mind on the state of football in Nigeria. We believe his intervention is bound to be a wake up call for us and the players,”

“Year 2020 is full of so much promise for Nigeria football. We have the qualifiers for both the AFCON 2021 and the World Cup 2022. We need to get our acts right from the first kick of the ball in the New Year because there are no longer minnows in African football.

The federation are also planning to relocates to Sunday Dankaro House, and move out of the glass house after the federation shared the building with the federal Road Safety Commission.

“I want to assure you that the NFF secretariat will relocate to the Sunday Dankaro House before the end of January.”

He also said that the country’s age grade football will no longer allowed players that has contract with football agents, especially the Golden Eaglets.

Nigeria’s cadet teams (U-17, U-20 and U-23), floundered in continental tournaments in the out-going year, rubbishing the image the country has made over the years as a super-power in youth football.

The NFF has now warned that any player that has any contract will no longer be allowed to play for Eaglets.

“We have now realized the disruptive influence of these football agents to our preparations for major tournaments as was seen in the out going year. Henceforth, any player who has any link to any agent will be shut out of our team,” Pinnick concluded.

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